Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fearless Living

I am hooked on circle journals! I am joined by a group of my bestest friends and we all participate in this swap. A circle journal is a themed album. You decide what theme you would like and create your album around that theme. You then pass it off to the next player in line and they create a layout that goes in your album created around your theme. Each person does this making it a "circle" of passing and creating. I am hooked on circle journals! This is the third round with this same group of ladies. This journal happens to be mine.

This is the title page of my album stating my theme: "Fearless Living- If fear was removed from your life what would you do?" I found this topic online when I googled circle journals. There are so many possibilities.

The instruction pages. This page tells of any special instructions I may have for you to consider such as certain supplies or what to include on your page.

The sign in page. Everyone who completes a layout signs their name on this page.

My layout. This is a few of the things that I would do if fear were not a factor. When I receive this back after everyone has completed it, there will be a page for each person who participated.

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Arcalee Gautier said...

Love it. Can't wait for it to come my way.