Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, I am a big Oprah fan and I have been taking a very close observation of the driving cars around me ever since she started the "NO PHONE ZONE". It is amazing how many people text and talk on the phone while driving. It is also pretty amazing how many of those people that you see that are talking or texting are the ones that are veering into the next lane, are sitting at the light not realizing that it has turned green, missing that stop sign, etc. I will admit I was once one of the guilty ones. I am a busy mom who needs every extra minute to get all the things done I am responsible for as many of us are. BUT that is not an excuse.

Please check out Oprah's website and do a little reading up. April 30th is National No Phone Zone Day and wouldn't it be awesome if we could add to the numbers that have already taken the No Phone Zone Pledge?

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