Monday, May 11, 2009

NSM Challenge #11

This challenge is going to be a 2-part challenge for today and tomorrow. Today I want you to e-mail me pics of your scrap space. Where you scrap and where you store all your scrapbooking treasures. I want pics of what it looks like today, messy or not. Then we are going to organize our spaces, yep, I said it! CLEAN IT UP!!! For those that participate in the challenge today and tomorrow you will receive an altered paint can with matching cards. E-mail me your pics of your spaces by midnight (mountain standard time).

This is my space. I have a large table that, as you can see, has been being used! I also have both sides of my closet with all my stuff. Pretty messy! Can't wait to tackle that clutter!


Penny said...

Darn... I can't participate in this one!!! We're in the process of packing for a move!!!

nicolecox said...

I would love to have as much scrapbooking stuff that you have!!!! :)