Thursday, May 14, 2009

NSM Challenge #14

Today is another Q & A and then get ready for some creating this weekend! Post your comment here by midnight (mountain standard time) to get entered into a drawing for an embossing pen.

Are you a single page or double page scrapbooker? I used to think only double pages for me. I really like the uniformity of the 2 pages together when you are flipping through your album. But I have dabbled just a little in the idea of single pages. I completed one and am working on another and I am liking it. I still think of myself as a double page scrapper though.


Penny said...

I am definately, without a doubt, a double page layout person. Even when all that I had was Reflections, which is only one page layouts, I used the "suggested complimentary page" ideas and made sure that I did both pages at the same time with the same paper pack.

So yeah... def a two-pager. Which is why I'm LOVING cherish and Imagine. Though I do do single pages for the last page since it's the last page.

Dawn said...

I am a double-layout scrapbooker. I feel like things are not complete with a one-page layout, like only half of the story is being told.

nicolecox said...

I tend to do both...some times I only have enough photos to make a one page lay out and that usually happens more than once so I am ok but I prefer to make a double so they have two pages that go together! :) However when I do that I dont feel that I have a variety in pages...I tend to feel like all of my pages look alike and are too similar and then I get frustrated and dont want to scrap any more...either that or I ask for my husbands thoughts because usually he is the only person around when I scrapbook and he really doesnt give the thoughts that I want and I get ever more frustrated and ya...that is the cycle and maybe that is why I dont scrap enough...I will be heading up to Idaho which has the best scrapbooking store there is! :) It is a really small town and has nothing really but a scrapbooking store! :0 I dont have a lot of money but I will spend some...and then I usually will scrap because I bought some cool stuff and usually it is a double page layout! :)

So, long story short....I do both!