Thursday, May 21, 2009

NSM Challenge #21

One of my biggest hurdles is scrapbooking myself. Whether it is a page about me or even getting myself in some of the pictures, it is definitely a challenge for me. So! Today's challenge is to post a comment here about your biggest hurdles in scrapbooking. What is it that you wish you could get right in this hobby? Post here by midnight (mountain standard time) to get entered into a drawing to win a 9x9 accordian album.


Arcalee Gautier said...

Waiting to the last minute in getting stuff done. I'm excited about doing swaps or pages, then by the time it's due, I feel overwhelmed.

nicolecox said...

My biggest problem is the fact that I feel like I dont have a space that is MINE to scrapbook in...I have it all on a cart or roll away bag and it takes so much time and effort to get everything out that I some times dont feel like it is worth it to scrapbook! It is really a challenge not to mention the time...I usually decide that I want to scrapbook on short notice and sit there and pull everything out and then run out of time. My husband hates it when I leave everything in the middle of the living room but I dont have the time or energy to put it all away when I am done so it sits there and he gets pissed which just makes the circle bigger as I dont want to take the stuff out to make the mess so he wont get mad and that is how the story goes! So my biggest problem is not having the space (should I say that is clean we have 2 extra rooms in the house)to scrap!