Sunday, May 17, 2009

NSM Challenge #17

Catch up! If you have wanted to do some of the challenges but just did not make it in time, now is your chance! Post Q & A answers here by clicking on comment or e-mail me pics by midnight (mountain standard time) to be entered into a drawing for a CTMH Bella level 1 paper kit. Be sure to include which challenge day you are catching up on or your post/e-mail may not qualify.

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nicolecox said...

Ok, so what I did was I choose to was Challenge #12 "Clean Up" I had all kinds of paper in bags and what I did was get rid of them!!!! :) Yes I got rid of the bags...I e-mailed you several photos of the clean up so to speak...I had an accordian that I put the paper in that was "loose paper" and filed it under scraps sm and big full paper...pattern paper and also then put all of the plain paper together! :) I also had several paper packs that I have now all together in one place...although I still dont have it organized like I would like it too I at least dont have any bags any more! :) plus I found my 1X1 block and have all of my wedding stuff and all of the honeymoon stuff and embelishments all together! :) **and I did it all while watching TWILIGHT! ;)